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Welcome to Whitebridge

Whitebridge Group supports organisations throughout every stage of IT transformation, providing a quality, people based, approach to resourcing our clients’ projects and operations.  Always focused on the right use of your time.

We have recognised the demand for an alternative to the traditional routes organisations follow when requiring external subject matter expertise. With the increasing pace of IT and Digital Transformation, combined with a shortage of the most desired skills, our model surpasses all others when it comes to sourcing the best people.Read more →

Proactive project resources with Whitebridge

Organisations are finding an ever increasing need for a proactive approach when it comes to building delivery teams. We have devised a model which allows clients to tap into the WB Associates network by providing clients with resource capability for their pipelined demand.

With scalable capability Whitebridge is able to offer a refreshing alternative to recruitment agencies as well as ensuring clients don’t become reliant on systems integrators for resourcing.Read more →

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