In a recent online article, Charles Dearing argues that developing software is a creative, rather than a scientific, process.  Teams should be self-organised and founded on self-motivated individuals. He goes on to say, “No one development team is exactly the same, and as such, who should adopt Agile software principles to your specific needs. Responding.. read more →

With continued press coverage of security breaches at major corporations it is right for cloud based systems to still be ranked as a top risk concern. Bob Violino sums up in a recent article at Information Management online, that “As more sophisticated tactics such as social engineering are engineered to compromise sensitive data, organizations should.. read more →

A look back to Andrew McAfee’s TED talk in 2013. Have androids started taking over our jobs already?   How are we preparing the next generations of workers to take on roles that may not even exist today?     read more →

While the whole world frets over the impact of ‘fake news’, its numeric relative in the falsities sphere – ‘fake data’ – is as big a threat to global economic stability, according to a senior European Central Bank official. Speaking at an event in Paris on Friday (24 November), Benoit Coeure, a senior board member.. read more →

A comprehensive round-up of a wide range of measures that commit more funding, create new bodies and programmes, and change the legislative landscape of public sector technology Chancellor Philip Hammond used the Budget to unveil a range of technology initiatives, with a focus on developing IT and science skills in both young people and the.. read more →