Through our extensive network, Whitebridge is assisting Clients with their digital transformation, allowing them to reduce their costs and reliance on more expensive consultancy providers.

Built over the last 10 years Whitebridge has developed a unique delivery model which offers deep subject matter expertise on a scalable level across the whole of digital transformation.  The model was developed as Whitebridge identified there was a need to build a network of like-minded consultancies, who can combine to provide what system integrators can’t – a virtual bench of subject matter expertise which can span all technical areas of digital transformation.

Advantages to the model include:

  • Niche subject matter expertise to be engaged when required
  • Retention of knowledge within the delivery network
  • Reduced reliance on system integrators leading to reduced costs
  • Take a more planned approach
  • A services led delivery model
  • Compliance with changing legislation

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