Whitebridge Network

The Whitebridge network has developed over the last ten years into a unique delivery model which offers like-minded consultancies the opportunity to provide their services as part of a scalable delivery across all aspects of digital transformation.

The model was developed when Whitebridge identified that there was a need to build a network of like-minded consultancies, who can combine to provide what system integrators can’t – a virtual bench of subject matter expertise which together can span all technical areas of digital transformation.  Realising that smaller niche independent consultancies are often busy working on a project, Whitebridge felt there was an opportunity to provide a platform to join forces in providing scalable services led delivery, whilst allowing them to retain their independant identity.

Many of the associate consultancies working through this model enjoy the opportunity the network provides as it gives them an alternative to engaging with recruitment agencies who they often feel do not fit with their services led delivery models. It also provides them with a pipeline of project opportunities for their consultancy to deliver against.

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