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About Us

With ever increasing demands on budgets, Clients often find themselves having to engage agencies to bolster their delivery capability. This model of engagement can prove time prohibitive, and although it resolves the challenge of cost and allows Client ownership, it also brings its own inherent risks. With an over reliance on advertising, agencies often take a reactive approach to recruitment engaging unknown resources due to not possessing a network of known, proven consultants. 

This was the exact conundrum we were faced with over ten years ago for our own project delivery as we found when engaging agencies, they didn't give us access to the independent niche consultants we required.

So to ensure we could deliver quality, scalable consultancy without technology bias, we took the decision to not work with agencies and build our own channels to market. Instead of having an extensive in -house bench which would have affected our price competitiveness, and to make sure we had the depth of expertise at our disposal we required, we decided to  build our own virtual bench in the form of a network of independent consultancies. 

The model over the years has developed and proved so successful it has evolved to support Client owned delivery as well as our own due to our ability to price point competitively to agencies.


How We Work

With either Whitebridge owning a project within a transformation programme, or providing known vetted independent Consultants to the Client under their management, the building of the Associate Network has allowed for both. With an enviable scalability of Consultants covering the full project lifecycle across multiple technology platforms, engaging either model has one goal – to drive complete in-house ownership.

The Associate Network

Built over the last decade the Associate Network has allowed us to develop relationships with multiple like -minded Consultants/Consultancies, often who are smaller in size who are looking where possible to work independently of the System Integrators and Vendors.  Possessing a depth of knowledge and capability, these entities often have the challenge of building a pipeline of demand for their services and face their own conundrum, “do we invest in our own marketing and business development to grow, or do we rely on existing client demand?”

A supply network that works for all

What quickly became apparent as we built the Associate Network was there is a whole community of independent Consulting expertise in the market place who prefer to not supply their services via recruitment agencies. This community forms the core of our Network as we seek to engage with “Consultants who contract” rather than what is traditionally termed as a “Contractor”. Initially engaged for our own delivery, we chose not to white label Consultants and actively promoted to our Clients the value we found by bringing independent expertise together for our delivery.

How Clients can use the Associate Network

As Clients felt the benefit first hand of the model under Whitebridge owned delivery, the natural next step was to ask, “can we engage consultants from the network directly under our management”, and “could the cost be comparable with agencies”. Our answer was simple - yes. What we had built may have started off with the intent of being a virtual bench for our own delivery, but over time it has evolved into a platform that can benefit all, whether under our delivery or the Clients.

Engage Whitebridge Consulting or the Associate Network

As we are services led and don’t resell software, we approach delivery from day one with a view to providing complete in-house ownership that doesn’t create dependency. By utilising our Associate Network, we are able to offer support at any stage of a project lifecycle in multiple technologies. Due to not carrying an extensive full time bench of resources, we are extremely competitive on price compared to traditional Consultancies, SI’s or Vendors.

Alternatively Clients may feel they are better placed looking for Consultants from the Associate Network to augment their own inhouse capability under their management as this works better for their needs.

So which model works? - you choose
Technical Expertise
Data Analysis
Data Migration
Data Integration
Programme Management
Project Management
Business Analysis
PMO / Project Planning
Change Management
Data Architecture
Data Governance
Data Analytics
Data Visualisation
Delivery Capability
Enterprise Applications:
Cloud Transition / Migration
Application Migration / Upgrade
Budgeting & Forecasting
Cyber Security - IAM
Finance, billing systems
Our Expertise

Who We've Helped


BAE Systems

Direct Line





Allen & Overy




Johnson & Johnson


Tokio Marine

“The expertise provided and
success of delivery led to us retaining
Whitebridge for further migration activities. We were able to reduce overall headcount required
and transitioned knowledge to our internal team.”

Programme Manager

Alliance Healthcare







Anglian Water Group

Deutsche Bank

Essex County Council




University of Warwick

“Due to Whitebridge's broad capability and
knowledge, we were able to engage them for
the full project life cycle and remove our
reliance on vendor delivery of the solution
whilst significantly reducing overall
programme costs."

Project Director



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